Q-Cert VET Press-Release 9

New VET and E-Learning Standard NP 4512:2012 Now Available. The Q-Cert-VET project has announced that the standard NP 4512:2012 "Vocational training management system, including technology enhanced learning – requirements” is now available after initial testing and publication. Due to approval of certification scheme OEC010 by the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation (IPAC) on November 23rd, all certification bodies can apply to IPAC for accreditation and thus gain the ability to certify training institutions with the standard. Furthermore, all training institutions can now request accredited certification for their management system, if it has been implemented in accordance with the requirements of NP4512. “We are very satisfied with the progress of the standard and the potential it has shown in the first pilot-tests,” remarked Christian M. Stracke, scientific coordinator of the Q-Cert-VET project and ISO Convener of the international standard committee ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 WG5 Quality Assurance and Descriptive Frameworks, “thus it is with great joy that we announce its general availability to all relevant certification bodies and training institutions.”

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